Who we support

People who may be our family, friends, and co-workers or friends we have not met yet!

HGA Resolves to

Be there when anyone with cancer or another illness reaches out for help getting to the treatment needed to sustain, prolong, and possibly cure this disease.

Our Solution

We offer practical assistance to families around the world who struggle with access to appropriate care for their family.

We offer Logistics

Houston Ground Angels is committed to helping people diagnosed with any illness a resource to get to cutting edge research and treatment in Houston, Texas.  Our From Air to Care Program coordinates volunteers who provide a ride to and from all airports in and around the Houston and surrounding areas, to and/or from a Houston medical facility or lodging location.

Teamed With

Refer people to other non-profits who endeavor to help with general aviation flights, corporate aviation flights, and reduced lodging rates. hyperlink to web resources