Thank You Notes 2016

Dear Houston Ground Angels

Thank you so much for picking me up at the airport for my appointment at M.D. Anderson.  Having cancer is a very scary and challenging thing and to be blessed with having a very kind person like Richard pick me up was an answer to a pray.  He was so helpful.  Your organization made a huge difference for me and I pray you will be blessed in the future servicing other patients.

Fenton, Michigan


Houston Ground Angels,

Here’s a small donation to cover expenses for a driver or someone else in your organization. I flew into IAH on September 26th and got picked up by one of your drivers.  On September 28th, got picked up at Rotary House and back to IAH.

I can’t tell you and your drivers how much I appreciate the service you provide.  While I could pay the taxi fare, it’s really nice to save the money and know that there are people willing to help so this small donation is to help you.

Thanks again.
Ann, Greenville, NC


Thanks so much for the service you provide for M.D. Anderson patients.  It’s a great sacrifice that you make to help ease the pressures and stress of the patients.  Thanks so much for caring for others.

Thanks again, Shelton
Baton Rouge, LA


The  thank you note below was written to Glen K, a Houston Ground Angel from a spouse of a patient.


You are definitely an “Angel on the Ground,” you helped multiple times, calling the Rotary House for a wheelchair availabilities and help boarding.

You answered my questions before I asked. God bless you for your kindness.

Mary, Presque Isle, MI