Thank you Notes 2015

December 2015

Thanks for the blessing of the Houston Ground Angels!!  Life savers.

Thank you,


Winnfield, LA

This donation is made on behalf of Carolynn.  She was very appreciative and impressed with your services.  A great amount of stress was relieved.

Thanks for your work!


Bartlesville, OK

November 14,2015

Recently my husband and myself had the wonderful opportunity of having two wonderful drivers take and deliver us from Lake Jackson Airport to M.D. Anderson Medical Center and back.  Their names were Richard (Chidlow) and Barbara (Smolowicz).  Both of these individuals were professional and caring and provided us with the caring mission of the Angel Network.  Thank You for this wonderful service!

 Karen Lovelace

Midland, MI


October 21, 2015
Dear Houston Ground Angels & To Mr. Bill Barnes “Our Houston Ground Angel”

Thanks so much for transporting us back to Lake Jackson Airport. We both received excellent results this trip as well as being blessed with you & your mission. This service is so wonderful to give back & help patients to arrive to their destination without any worry & especially knowing where to go & taking us both ways.
Thanks again!
Karen & Cindy, Slidell, LA


October 23, 2015
Dear Vicki and Houston Ground Angels,
Thank you, from the “bottom of my heart” for your help, in “helping getting Bert and I” from airport to M.D. Anderson and back to airport again. We would still be lost in Houston if it had not been for “Houston Ground Angels”.
Mr. Ben Dyer our “personal angel”, was so kind to us, he took us to M.D. and 3 days later, took us back to the airport.
Bless you and the Houston Ground Angels.
Thank you,
Shirley, Surfside Beach, SC


April 22, 2015

Dear Houston Ground Angels,

I want to express my sincere thanks for the valuable service you give to those patients and families seeking medical treatment in the Houston Area.
Using my case as an example, my family and I have received many rides over my last nearly two years of treatment. There are so many expenses not covered by insurance, and travel is a huge expense for some of us. It is so hard to meet expenses when you are too sick to work. Also, your drivers give such a ‘human’ touch to the experience. I have been so amazed at how the Houston community embraces the patients coming there for treatment. From transportation to apartments, it is so needed and so appreciated.

I am nearing the end of treatment and I am back to work. I wish to acknowledge the wonderful work of the Houston Ground Angels with the enclosed donation.

Blessings on your work,

Goshen, Indiana

What the heart remembers most are moments shared.
Elizabeth Browne

* * *

June 1, 2015

To All of Our Angels,

Kyle and I would like to say thank you. What all of you do is truly a blessing to others. We have used this service countless times and all of our Angels have been amazing.
We can never repay or say thank you enough for what you have done for our family.

Kyle, Michelle, Lynnlea
Tonkawa, Oklahoma