Provide a Ride Program

We resolve to be there whenever possible with volunteers (Ground Angels) to help you get you to the vital treatment you require.

The Provide a Ride program allows you to request a ride (Mission) which will be posted on our website, which only volunteers, board members and staff can view.  Once posted on the site Ground Angels can then accept the mission.  The Ground Angel will then contact you and exchange information with you.  The Ground Angel then becomes your contact person and will be with you through completion of this leg of your trip. Your ride back to the airport is a separate mission which can be requested at the same time and will in most likelihood have a different Ground Angel.

Houston Ground Angels has a very successful completion rate for missions being accepted.  However we are a volunteer network and cannot guarantee that either leg of your mission will be accepted by a Ground Angel.  Please be prepared to make other arrangements in the unlikely event we cannot coordinate a Ground Angel with your needs.

All of al volunteers have had a background check completed, driving record background check, etc. We make sure only some of Houston’s finest people are there to make sure we provide transportation to and from your designations in Houston, as safe, convenient, and pleasant!