Thank You Notes 2013

Miss Kathy, that was so very nice, of you, to make the generous donation in memory of, my Kathy Buffington, to the HGA’s.It was fitting the last picture at Kathy’s service was her boarding the Conoco Jet and waving to me. That image will always be burnt into my memory and knowing I did not have to worry about who was going to be there to pick her up or take her back to the airport was one of the few times I could let my guard down.

This had been an 8 1/2 year battle. You, do so much & this gift, in one way, was a bit of a surprise but knowing what a giving nature you possess, did not surprise me at all. I am so thankful for the comfort this act gives me in a day & time when comfort is a fleeting thing, to me.

Thank you all so very very much. It is such a comfort that I know my good friends, in Houston, keep doing good, in the face, of so much pain. You all, do so much good, for so many and it is greatly appreciated.

May God keep Blessing you All! Love,
Steve Hargis & Kathy Buffington



Phyllis Thrall is finally done with treatment at MDAnderson and we are going
home to Fargo, ND on Thursday.  We would appreciate a ride to the
airport.  You all have truly been our angels over these many months.
We thank you so much.  Pete and Phyllis Thrall

Houston Ground Angels