Thank You Notes 2012

November 8, 2012

Your organization is just the BEST!!
I was already to book a rental car for tomorrow, when I got a call from Barbara who will be picking me up tomorrow afternoon.
You have all been such a blessing…words can’t begin to thank you enough.
Nancy Larsen

October 15, 2012

We called on the Lord and ask him for help with expenses traveling to MDA once a month for the rest of Wayne’s life; and He sent us “Houston Ground Angels”
What a answer to prayer and blessing to meet each angel!
Thank you for being there!!
Bear hugs and Blessings-and much gratitude!
Thank you
Robert “Wayne” & Nancy Gilbert

September 18, 2012

Ground Angels,
What a wonderful organization you have. Recently, my wife used your service to go to M.D. Anderson from the Phillips 66 terminal. You people truly are ANGELS.
Enclosed is a check to help keep your program going and I am adding you to my list of charities.
God Bless,
Paul Beach
Bartlesville, OK

September 14, 2012

Dear “Houston Ground Angels”,
I am so appreciative of the service you provide. It really helps to offset some of the expenses incurred on my frequent visits to Houston. My two drivers, Ron Sapio and Richard Chidlow were both very gracious and I am so pleased to have had the benefit of their volunteerism.
Please accept this small donation in appreciation of their volunteerism.
Deanne Comer
Elkins Park, PA

August 15, 2012

God bless & keep each and every one of the Ground Angels.
Ruth Crane
Fort Walton Beach, FL

July 2012

I am so thankful to all the ground angels who helped me so far.
Each one of them was so wonderful, caring, patient and always available no matter how late I arrived at the airport.
I admire your one of a kind network so much, never heard of anything like this in any city. God bless all the angels who want to help and the management who coordinates so well.
I am a very young victim of cancer and have made nearly 12 trips to MD Anderson since 2006. I came to know about you only since the last 3 trips. I travel from Kentucky and often pay high airfare, lodging, food etc. I am by myself without any help when I visit MD Anderson. The ground angels have helped me with the transportation from the airport and back and it saves me the stress of driving in Houston. Unfortunately, I have to make 3 more trips this year.
Thanks to all of you.
Sreenu Gutti

June 2012

(3 X Cancer patient over the last 22 years)
We had our first ride with the “ANGELS” from Hobby to MDA last month. Literally, within minutes ANGEL “LESLIE, and Wayne and I, were laughing hysterically we were having so much fun. What a fantastic fun and light spirit she had ! We were hooting and laughing like crazy, and it seemed like the normally long ride to MDA was way too short ! What a great first experience she gave us !
We desperately needed those endorphins with lots of big test, and SCANXIETY on our plate to find out if the meds were working or not. We were late because of weather, but it did not seem to bother her one iota. On the return ride, ANGEL “CLAUDIA”, was just as warm, friendly, fun and kind ! We got to share our REALLY GOOD NEWS that Wayne’s NEW NAME was now ‘NED’ (no evidence of disease – round 1) with her, and the story behind the story all the way to Hobby that day. We were on cloud nine, and she was such a fantastic person to share such great news with. I think that Claudia’s mouth was open most of the way. We were all praising the Lord for such good news ! We could tell she really was an ‘angel’ at heart – as was Leslie !

Wayne and I will be traveling to MDA from Mississippi once a month for as far as we can see ! We had to file Bankruptcy after the first cancer, and were many, many years getting on our feet with me also very ill with several chronic Illnesses. So to say that “HOUSTON GROUND ANGELS” are a blessing would be an understatement. God was awesome to lead us to His very own ‘ANGELS’ in Houston to bless us with a ride and such awesome company on taboot !
What a great organization, doing priceless work for others so selflessly ! We are actually looking forward to our trip back to see WHO WE WILL GET THIS TIME !
Wayne and Nancy G.

June 2012

We are SO blessed to have found your organization and had the honor of meeting one of your Angels, Janet, who picked us up from IAH yesterday and took us to our hotel. She was a delightful person to meet and was so flexible on our flight schedule due to us being delayed from leaving Pensacola.
Your organization is a huge blessing to my husband and I, and we are so thankful that we have been able to work with you all.
Thank you again for helping us with our transportation needs.
God Bless!
Stephanie Yates
Pensacola, FL

May 2012

“Are you sure you want to get on the roller coaster buddy it’s going to be scary?” Yes Mommy, I’m not scared”
Those were the words my five year old son, Joseph, said to me on our trip to San Antonio in late July 2011. One week later after seeing 3 different doctors the Retina Specialist in El Paso confirmed his diagnosis of Retinoblastoma which is a malignant eye tumor that affects approximately 300 children in the United States each year.
As anyone would expect my, family, and friends were devastated by the news. Joseph was then referred to MD Anderson in Houston where he was treated by Dr. Dan Gombos. Joseph and I currently live in El Paso and he will have continuous follow-up treatments in Houston.

On a limb, I called Houston Ground Angels for travel assistance on September 14, 2011. I requested service on the day before our late arrival at Bush International Airport praying someone would pick us up on such delayed notice. Sure enough our Angel on that night was Cheryl Soper, who called me right before we left home early that morning in route to the airport. Cherly let me know that she would be picking us up and driving us to The Ronald McDonald House. My gratitude to the volunteers at Houston Ground Angels is immense because it took away the traveling distress I was feeling, allowing me to focus on my son and his needs instead of worrying about how to get to our destination.
Thank you to all the volunteers at Houston Ground Angel for all that you do.
Joseph and Mommy

May 2012

I don’t even know how to start.
I have had the best loving kindest experiences with your Ground Angels. Having had to travel alone and being financially unable to afford cab fares, your Ground Angels are such a blessing. I feel as though we never fight a war alone—I feel as though you all are a part of the team that will lead me to a victory.
Your Angels are always so kind and caring.
Thank you all for all you do.
God Bless
Shelly Thomas
Monroe, LA

While I personally celebrate six years cancer free, I am reminded daily that the battle to beat cancer is far from over. In the last year I have had several friends who were newly diagnosed with cancer and went through nightmarish treatments.
Every time I accept a volunteer ‘mission’ with Houston Ground Angels I am reminded that cancer never sleeps. These folks have graciously shared with me how cancer has taken great tolls on them and their families that are physically, emotionally and financially devastating. But often I hear about how their cancers are being beaten. New treatments are being developed everyday and several people have told me that their treatments, some still in the experimental stages, seem to be working. Isn’t that great?!!

I will be walking the survivor lap again this year along with my husband and daughter and as our way to show our continuing gratitude and support. I invite you to join us in anyway you choose whether it be a monetary donation or sending prayers and good mojos that continued progress be made in the “battle of the beast”.
I humbly thank you, my friends, from the bottom of my heart.
Cathy Krus
Houston Ground Angels

March 29, 2012

The attached check is a small token of my appreciation for your friendliness, support and physically taking me to and from M.D. Anderson and to and from the airports.
Your picking me up makes me feel like I have a friend in Houston and makes the treatments at M.D. Anderson less daunting.
Thanks again.
Merle Dickens
Bartlesville, OK

March 20, 2012

I know that most of your work is done on line but, I am not real good with computers. I just had to drop a line to say “GOD BLESS YOU ALL”.
My final trip to MDACC was so hard we did not understand how far it was from airport to motels and we were already strapped for cash after 5 months of this paying from $75.00 to and from for each trip a cost of $150-$180 two times a month
I didn’t think we could continue to come to MDACC and they were helping me so much.
Then a maid at the motel told me about “the angels”. Now I have met four of them and each has been a blessing & they are all so different & wonderful.

Marlene S. Thompson
Corbin, KY

March 20, 2012

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for each volunteers generosity in providing rides to MD Anderson. You can’t imagine the burden it removes.
God Bless you all.
Chris Emeott & Family
Bay City, MI

February 24, 2012

Dear friends
Today would have been my husband’s sixty six birthday. We lost him on October 21, 2011, but for seven months prior to that we were able to fight the good fight. There are no words to adequately thank your angels ( and they are really are angels) for their gifts to us. When the rest of our life was caving in around us, it was a comfort to sit back & relax and leave the logistics of transportation to someone else.
Please accept this small token in memory of Gary Stamp (Iowa).
Ava Stamp &The Stamp Collection.

January 07, 2012

Ground Angels,
In the summer of 2010, my family had need of your kind services. We will be eternally grateful for all you did for us.
Although my late wife’s treatments at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center were unsuccessful, we will always appreciate the efforts your organization did for us.
Please find enclosed a small token of our appreciation, a check to further your kind efforts.
We Remain,
Harry Ferrick
Des Moines, Iowa

January 28, 2012

Dear Houston Ground Angels,
It is hard to put into words the appreciation I feel towards the Ground Angels who helped Dad and I navigate unfamiliar places. Coming from a small town in Southeast Kansas to the Houston area was a bit stressful for both of us.
You made us feel cared for and safe. For that,
I can’t thank you enough.
Bless all of you and the work you do.
Faith Rosson
Daughter of Vernon L. McKnight