Patient Responsibilities

Patient Responsibilities.

We ask each of our patients working with Houston Ground Angels to do the following, which will help make this part of your journey more successful and run smoothly:

  • Verify and keep the name and cell phone number of the Ground Angel that accepted your Mission.
  • Provide the correct cell number at which the patient can be contacted.
  • Provide the Mission Coordinator with the correct flight number and time of arrival or departure.
  • Notify the Ground Angel immediately if there are any changes involving the contact information, flight (time or date), hotel, or pick up/drop off location.
  • Notify the Ground Angel if a delay or cancellation of the flight is anticipated.
  • Notify the Ground Angel as soon as possible if the transportation request needs to be cancelled for any reason.
  • Tell the Mission Coordinator exactly how many people will be with you and will need transportation too.  If a child is under four years old a car seat must be provided by the patient. If a child is under eight years old a booster seat must be provided by the patient. This is Texas law.