Partner with Patients

Our partners ensure that people (people you know, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, clients and their employees etc.) get to the very best treatment for their specific diagnosis. None of us know when we might be in the Dr.’s office and hear the words cancer or another life threatening disease or illness, or worse yet your child has one of these illnesses. Simply ask yourself who do you know who has been touched by a life threatening illness such as cancer?

√ Each dollar you donate helps coordinate patients and volunteers so they can comfortably get to the vital treatments they are here for.

√  Become a charter partner and join us on our mission to reach 10K rides per year by 2018.

√ Large or small, any amount helps support our outreach and overhead costs so we can continue to grow to service all those who need our help.

√  Your partnership will help HGA achieve its vision of expanding our services to other nationally recognized cancer research hospitals and other top-notch medical care.

√  Sustain the solution of being there when anyone reaches out for just a little help

√  You ensure that Houston Ground Angels continue to grow and be there when the need arises for someone you know or have in contact with.

√  You help to relieve stress (emotional, physical and financial) and the more stress that is relieved the greater the outcome for people’s lives becomes.

√  This may seem purely altruistic but it’s not. 80% of us will know of someone in our lifetime who is diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening illness.

HGA appreciates your prayerful consideration of this request.