About us

Houston Ground Angels sole mission is to help patients access the best possible treatment for their specific type of illness by arranging free ground transportation from all airports within a 30 mile radius of the Texas Medical Center, Houston, TX to treatment using a network of volunteers (Ground Angels). This improves the patients’ chances of survival by getting to cutting edge treatment and at the same time, it reduces their emotional stress, physical discomfort and financial burden.

Based in Houston, Texas, Houston Ground Angels with a staff of 2 full times, one part time, and over 150 Ground Angels coordinate and have completed over 2500 missions per year for the last two years and over 11,000 missions since inception in 2000.

Eligibility to participate in our program is open to all ambulatory patients, caregivers, and family who need our help getting to The Texas Medical Center. Eligibility is not based on financial need, and patients may travel as often as necessary.