In 2017, Houston Ground Angels provided transportation for almost 2,500 people coming to Houston’s Medical Center for Treatment! Please consider donating.

Who are we?

Houston Ground Angels is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization established in 2000. Its mission is to provide complimentary ground transportation between area airports and the Medical Center for patients traveling to Houston for medical treatment.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from across the country come to Houston’s highly respected and acclaimed medical facilities seeking life-saving treatments, for themselves, their child, spouse, or a parent. Many of these patients come alone, or a parent arrives with their young child, and they do not know the city, nor anyone who lives here. It can be frightening to arrive in a strange city, alone, especially when you have cancer or another life-threatening disease or illness.

Plus, when you combine mounting medical bills, interrupted employment, and the expense of airfare, meals, and local transportation, in Houston, it can become overwhelming.  It is estimated that in fighting their illness a patient will spend $11,000 in meals, hotels and local transportation. Therefore, Houston Ground Angels’ volunteers assist these patients in local transportation, by picking them up at public and private airports around the city and drive them to the medical center. When they are ready to go home, a Houston Ground Angel will pick them up at the medical center and take them back to the airport.

How can you help?

Will you join us, will you become a Houston Ground Angel? Just click on the Volunteer tag at the top and complete the form.

Please take a moment and read our history in the “About Us” section.