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 Why Volunteer with Houston Ground Angels?

Houston Ground Angels is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization established in 2000. Its mission is to provide complimentary ground transportation between area airports and the Medical Center for patients traveling to Houston for medical treatment.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people from across the country come to Houston’s highly respected and acclaimed medical facilities seeking life-saving treatments, for themselves, their child, spouse, or a parent. Many of these patients come alone, or a parent arrives with their young child, and they do not know the city, nor anyone who lives here. It can be frightening to arrive in a strange city, alone, especially when you have cancer or another life-threatening disease or illness.

Plus, when you combine mounting medical bills, interrupted employment, and the expense of airfare, meals, and local transportation, in Houston, it can become overwhelming.  Many patients simply decide to stay in their small towns where treatments are not offered, and begin saying goodbye to loved ones, even though they could possibly find healing if they did decide to come here. Many times, they simply cannot afford to come to Houston.

It is estimated that in fighting their illness a patient will spend $11,000 in meals, hotels and local transportation. Therefore, Houston Ground Angels’ volunteers assist these patients in local transportation, by picking them up at public and private airports around the city and drive them to the medical center. When they are ready to go home, a Houston Ground Angel will pick them up at the medical center and take them back to the airport.

Patients continue to exclaim how nice it is to have a friendly face when they arrive in Houston, and the relief they feel in not having to find their way in a rental car or public transportation. These patients sincerely appreciate the help, but mainly it is knowing they are not alone when they arrive. Our volunteers continue to say how rewarding it is knowing they have helped make someone’s day a little easier.

Will you join us, will you become a Houston Ground Angel? Just click on the Volunteer tag at the top and complete the form.

Please take a moment and read our history, which how this organization
began is very moving. The history can be found under, “About Us.”

Celebrating our Volunteers!

Houston Ground Angels take our mission
seriously, but we also take time  to get together and have fun.
Houston Ground Angels is not your average organization.


Holiday/Christmas Party
The Houston Ground Angels’
Holiday/Christmas Party
will be held on
December 8, 2017
7:00 p.m. – 9pm
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 NRG Stadium Tour and Coffee, Oct 7, 2016
Thank you to everyone who attended. It was so great to see everyone and put a face with a name! Great coffee and great tour, very enjoyable! Thank you to NRG Stadium folks for such a great event!


2017 Events

Events for 2017 have also been planned, with many
exciting activities.

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Photos on first page are:

Photos from Cruise around Galveston Bay

Houston Astros honoring Houston Ground Angels:
President Bill Barnes, Astros Mascot,
and Regional President of Wells Fargo on the field

Bill Barnes with Houston Ground Angels’ Arch Angels





Request a Speaker

If your organization or community would
like to hear  more about  Houston Ground
Angels,  please give us a call. Our board
president or  vice president would
be happy  to speak at your office or
community, to share  all  Houston Ground
Angels  are doing, and how we serve
those coming
to Houston for  life-saving
medical treatments.  Most all
ground angels will  tell you how
rewarding  and fulfilling it is to
volunteer with  Houston  Ground Angels.
For many, every ride
provided is one  life possibly saved.
For more information, please call
281-900-7377 or
Cell: 832.752.96456.


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